H500 Chocolate Melting Machine


The H500 melting unit holds 500 kg of melted chocolate. The chocolate is gently melted as the heat is transferred to the chocolate in an indirect way: From the heating rods via the water in the jacketed tank to the chocolate.

The chocolate can be drained manually from the tank. Alternatively, the tank can have a heated pump and pipe system, which transfers the chocolate to a tempering machine.

The melting tank can be used for compound chocolate too.



Additional information

The H500 melting tank is designed for 24 hours operation – every day throughout the year.

Besides controlling the temperature of the melted chocolate the control system also has an overheating security. The gear-motor unit driving the agitator system is also protected from electrical over load.

The H500 melting tank can have a heated pump and pipe system added – then the melting tank becomes model H500P. The pipes are heated and insulated, and the temperature of the pipes is controlled by a thermostat.

Technical information

Height total 165 cm
Loading height 130 cm
Outside diameter 85 cm
Drain height 40 cm
Chocolate capacity 500 kg
Heating element 2 x 2,0 kW
Gear-motor unit 0,55 kW
Motor for pump system 0,18 kW
Power supply 3 phases 230/400V – 50Hz. Others available
Weight 260 kg
Materials The machine is made of painted mild steel and stainless steel.