Increase your capacity and get a uniform appearance of your products by means of E220 – the “3 in 1” chocolate solution center. E220 is for enrobing, mould filling and tempering of chocolate used by the creative, quality focused chocolatier requiring versatile small to moderate production to a professional standard.

The E220 enables the chocolatier to enrobe or bottom coat pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries. In addition, the E220 provides solid or shell moulding of standard praline moulds, hollow figures, etc. Furthermore, the callet (button) tempering is easily achieved in the generous 20 liter chocolate vessel.

E220 is designed to grow with you as your product portfolio expands, and your need for capacity increases. This opportunity is achieved by integrating our more than 65 years of experience in designing chocolate machinery into the E220.

High lights

  • Top coating, bottom coating, partly coating or completely enrobing
  • Seed (callet / block) tempering within the machine
  • Double chocolate courtains and variable speed control
  • Virable air pressure and direction control of blower
  • Construction in stainless steel and food approved materials
  • Supplied with a 1 meter paper take-off table as standard


1. Tempering | 2. Enrobing | 3. Moulding



Additional information

Production flow – enrobing
Pralines, bars etc. are placed on the separate infeed table. The wire mesh belt carries the products through two chocolate curtains and/or bottom coating reservoir. Once the products are double coated, they pass under the blower outlet to insure that the appropriate amount of chocolate is left on the product. Any “chocolate-skirt” is minimized by means of the vibrating mechanism. Finally, the pralines or bars pass over a detailer shaft for perfect finishing before they continue onto the paper take-off table.

Flexibility and individual adjustments
All functions are easily controlled by the operator. A digital thermostat continually controls the temperature of the chocolate. The speed of the wire mesh belt is adjustable between 0,7 – 1,7 m/min. The operator individually sets the size and thickness of the chocolate curtains and the height of the bottom coating. By controlling the air pressure from the blower together with the direction of the air, the appropriate amount of chocolate is blown off so the desired amount of chocolate remains on the enrobed product. The “tapping strength” of the adjustable vibrating mechanism ensures that both small and light pralines, and large and heavy cakes and pastries will have minimized “skirting”. Finally, the height of the detailer shaft ensures a uniform base on the enrobed products once they are carried to the paper take-off table.

Production flow – mould filling
The enrobing section with wire mesh belt, vail box / chocolate distribution box, blower mouthpiece etc.is lifted off the machine and removed. It leaves the vessel open and thereby room and space for manual mould filling from the flow of chocolate supplied by the scraper device.

If the mould filling module / vibrating table is acquired it can be placed on the machine to the left hand side. After vibrating the filled mould, it is placed on the right hand side of the vibrating table turned upside down. The liquid excess chocolate runs then into the vessel.


  • Melting cabinet or table on where the basic enrober is placed
  • Mould filling module and vibrating table
  • Longer paper take-off tables
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Top heaters
  • Wire belt extension for truffle balls

Technical information

Maximum height of products to be enrober: 110 mm

Enrober dimensions
Length: 910 mm
Width: 630 mm
Height: 700 mm

Enrobing section
Width: 220 mm

Dimensions of take-off table
Length at 1, 2 or 3 m.
Width 260 mm.

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power: 1,4 kW

The entire machine is made of food-approved materials like plastics (POM) and stainless steel.