3RT12C Temperer


This model is a semi-automatic compressor cooled machine, which can melt, cool, temper and store chocolate for enrobing, moulding, spinning or dipping.

12 kg. of chocolate is melted to 45 degree C in 60-90 minutes. It is then cooled and tempered to 31 degree C in app. 20 minutes.


Additional information

The tempering machine is operated from the control panel, where the melting, cooling and tempering temperatures has to be set manually for each melting and tempering process.

The solid chocolate is loaded from the top. An internal rotating stirrer fitted with scraping mechanism ensures a perfect mixing of chocolate, and finally the tempered chocolate is discharged from the front mounted heated discharge valve.

The machine is fitted with castor wheels. Once the electrical plug is connected, the temper is ready for operation where ever needed.

The unit has a low need for maintenance, as the compressor, gear and motor are greased for life. When required the outside may be cleaned with a mild detergents and hot water. The inside should be cleaned with hot water only, as the slightest amount of detergent will affect the taste of the chocolate.

Technical information

Height: 1250
Width: 480
Depth: 460
Volume of vessel: 12 kg.
Energy load: Max 1,5 kg
Electrical specifications: Adaptable to local specifications world wide