2T Temperers


The 2T machines are water cooled tempering machines. Herein is chocolate melted, tempered and stored, and finally transferred to moulding machines or enrobers either manually or automatically by means of a pump system.

Model 2T70 has a volume of 70 kg of melted chocolate, and model 2T130 has a volume of 170 kg. Heating and cooling is transferred to the chocolate trough the water jacket, and the heavy stirrer provides a clean scraped inner surface and efficient mixed chocolate.

If a large amount of tempered chocolate is needed, the 2T tempering machine can be used for tempering only – and have supply of melted chocolate from a dedicated melting tank like Chocoma model H500.


Additional information

The melting and tempering process is continuously monitored by controllers, which ensures easy operation and exact temperature control. At any time a built-in temperature controller shows the actual temperature of the chocolate.

Powerful heating elements and efficient cooling ensures a short tempering period of 60 minutes, depending on the temperature of the cooling water.

Draining of chocolate takes place through the electrically heated valve, which prevents formation of chocolate lumps.


  • Model 2T70 and 2T130 are the basic models.
  • Model 2T70A and 2T130A: The 2T___A tempering machines has an additional control system, in which temperatures for melting, cooling and ready chocolate are pre-set. It means that the daily control of the machine is limited to switch between melting and tempering, as the tempering process from melting temperature to final tempered chocolate is automated.
    In addition, the 2T___A machines can be equipped with a programmable clock to start tempering at a specific hour, and thereby tempered chocolate at a specific hour.
  • Model 2T70P and 2T130P: The 2T___P tempering machine has an electrical heated pump and pipe system to transfer chocolate into other machines. The pipes are heated and insulated, and the temperature of the pipes is controlled by a thermostat.
  • Model 2T70T and 2T130T: The 2T___T tempering machine has a control system, which saves water for tempering and keeps the temperature of the cooling water in the water jacket constant during the tempering phase. It is attractive for locations with high temperature differences of the water during the summer and winter season.
  • The above mentioned A – P – T feature can be combined: For example 2T130PT
  • The 2T tempering machines can be connected to an external water magazine with cooling unit, enabling the cooling water to be recycled. It might be attractive for destinations were the cooling water reach 20 °Celsius or more, and were water may be short or expensive.

Technical information

2T70 2T130
Chocolate capacity 70 kg. 170 kg.
Height total 140 cm 190 cm
Loading height 90 cm 140 cm
Outside diameter 55 cm 55 cm
Drain height 40 cm 40 cm
Water connection inflow ¼” ¼”
 Water connection outflow ¾” ¾”
Power supply 3 phase 230/400V – 50Hz. Others available 3 phase 230/400V – 50Hz. Others available
Heating element 2 x 1,2  kW 2 x 1,6 kW
Gear-motor unit 0,37 kW 0,55 kW
Motor for pump system 0,18 kW 0,18 kW
Materials Painted mild steel and stainless steel. Painted mild steel and stainless steel.


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