With belt width of 240 – 320 – 400 or 600 mm the capacity of 2MP enrobers are perfect for the mid size manufacturer and the semi-industrial factory.

The 2MP enrobers are designed for complete coating, bottom coating only and for half coating of pralines, bars, biscuits, dates and dried fruit, cakes etc. with chocolate or compound chocolate.

Even though the 2MP enrobers are high capacity equipment, they have the flexibility which characterise all Chocoma equipment. In a very short time it is possible to change the machine to enrobe with another kind of chocolate without use of tools or special knowledge.

The process of operation is

  • The products are placed on the infeed loading table
  • They passes via the grill belt through the double curtain of liquid chocolate. The belt speed and size of chocolate curtains can be adjusted separately in order to provide products of various size and shape a perfect coverage and coating.
  • Leaving the chocolate curtains the products passes a blower with variable speed. The individually selected speed of the blower controls the chocolate layer on the products.
  • At the next stage of the enrobing process the products passes the vibratory mechanism, which minimize the “foot” around the bottom of the product.
  • Finally the products passes the detailer and overhead heater which gives the products the final uniformity and gloss.
  • Leaving the enrobing section the products enters a take-away table or a cooling tunnel.

The total enrobing process can be watched through a hygienic transparent guard.


Additional information

The tempered chocolate is supplied to the enrobing section by means of a pump, which also is able to discharge outside the enrober for alternative production. The pump and other parts, which hold or circulate the chocolate, are designed for cleaning in a few minutes and can be removed without using tools.

The chocolate tanks hold a volume of 45 – 53 – 61 or 95 liter, and a electronic thermostat controls the temperature of the chocolate. The concept of removable chocolate tanks makes it possible to exchange chocolate tanks with dark, milk or white chocolate. Trolley and extra chocolate tanks are available.

The 2MP enrobers have a rotating detailer in the exit end as standard.


The 2MP enrobers are supplied with a fixed infeed grill as standard. As an option the 2MP enrobers can be supplied with a removable infeed grill which can be detached from the machine for cleaning in a dish washer. If a removable infeed grill is used, and small products with a length less than 15 mm has to be coated, then it is recommended to have a rotating inlet shaft between the infeed grill and main grill to easy the transfer between the two grills.

As an option, the chocolate tanks can be supplied with water jacket. By letting a small volume of cold water into the water jacket, it is possible to cool the chocolate. Or, by means of the internal heating rod it is possible to increase the temperature of the chocolate. This cooling / heating feature by means of the water-jacketed tank is especially useful in manufacturing environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures, or where the ambient temperature might be too high or low to maintain a stable chocolate temperature – e.g. during summer or winter season.
An electronic thermostat controls the temperature of the water in the jacket.

The 2MP enrobers can be supplied with a heated filling pipe, I order to receive chocolate supply from external sources.

Technical information

The 2MP enrobers can be supplied on wheels or fixed legs.

The standard models are made of stainless steel, aluminum and painted mild steel. On request the 2MP enrobers can be supplied completely in stainless steel, or in a combined stainless steel and aluminum design.

Specifications 2MP24 2MP32 2MP40 2MP60
Belt width (mm) 240 320 400 600
Belt speed (meter/min) 1) Variable between 0,45 – 1,75 Variable between 0,45 – 1,75 Variable between 0,45 – 1,75 Variable between 0,45 – 1,75
Dimensions of enrober L x W x H (mm) 1.250 x 580 x 1.530 1.250 x 660 x 1.530 1.250 x 740 x 1.530 1.250 x 940 x 1.530
Power supply 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC 200-240 VAC
Power consumption 2) (kW) 2,0 2,1 2,3 2,8
Compressed air needed? No No No No

1) Other belt speed on request
2) Maximum – when all electrical devices and heating elements are turned on

The corresponding cooling tunnel to the 2MP enrobers are model DS C+CS. Shortest standard length is 6,6 meter. The length can be increased in sections of 2,0 meters.