Water cooled temperers

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How to get a uniform batch of well-tempered chocolate

The water cooled chocolate batch tempering concept performed by Chocoma water cooled melting and tempering machines, ensures a uniform batch of tempered chocolate. This will fulfill the first condition for first class pralines and chocolate based products. The batch concept implies that the entire batch of chocolate is first melted, then the entire batch is cooled and finally the entire batch is re-heated to the final tempering temperature.

These Chocoma batch melting and tempering machines with a volume of 20 kg, 70 kg and 170 kg, are cooled by means of chilly water passing through the water jacket. The batch concept implies that the entire batch is first melted, then is the entire batch cooled and finally is the entire batch re-heated to the final tempering temperature. It means that batch tempering concept ensures a uniform tempered chocolate.

The temperature set points related to the tempering process are all controlled by the chocolatier. The automatic or semi-automatic control system, ensures an exact tempering process of the complete batch of chocolate, per the setting done by the chocolatier. Once the tempering is completed the chocolate will stay ready for production the following hours.

The tempered chocolate can be distributed to tempering machines, enrobing or moulding lines by means of a heated pump and pipe system.