The Chocoma design and construction criteria – functionality expressed by robust mechanical design, and highly flexible in use – set out both guide lines and limitations for product development.


Flexible in use means

  • That the bacis machine equipment graduately can be up-grated with additional features when the need arise
  • Stand alone temperer retro fitted with pump system
  • Basic enrober retro fitted with extented take off table or cooling tunnel
  • That use of the processing equipment are not limited to one type of chocolate
  • Twin tempering machine for two types of chocolate
  • An easy cleaning design enabling you to change type of chocolate in your enrobing machine within 10 minutes
  • That the processing equipment can be combined

Stand alone temperer vs. temperer with input supply from a melting tank and output supply to a enrobing or moulding line

A fixed unit consisting of enrober and cooling tunnel vs. a fixed cooling tunnel combined with a moveable enrober or moulding machine.

Robust mechanical design

Robust mechanical design means that a solid construction has a higher priority than a “high tech” appearance, and that a mechanical solution is prefered to an electrical solution if possible.

To ensure a succesful start-up of new equipment by our customers, all machines are testet before they leave our factory.