Chocoma today

Loyal to our mission

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, ChocoMa has more than 55 years experience of making flexible, reliable and efficient chocolate processing equipment.

The mission of ChocoMa is, as expressed by the founder of ChocoMa, Mr. Ibsen senior; “to enable our clients to bring chocolate experience to their customers”. Our loyality to our mission explains why thousand of our machines are in operation in Europe, North- and South America, Middle East and the Pacific region.

Today we offer a complete range of machines for craftsmen and semi-industrial producers of chocolate praline, confectionary and backery products. Our solutions are developed and based on the Danish and European tradition within food technology and chocolate confectionary.

A key criterion for product development is, that our products are dynamic and flexible enabling our clients to grow and adjust to their markets.

As our smaller clients develops into semi-industrialised business our equipment is designed so it can be upgrated with additional features when the need arise.

As the small and semi-industrialised chocolate makers are highly dependent on relaible chocolate processing equipment, a second criterion criteria for product development is functionality expressed by a robust mechanical design, and highly flexible in use. By this concept the chocolate maker is ensured predictable conditions for future production.

Our agents throughout the world are familiar with chocolate and the processing of it. They attach the utmost importance to provide ChocoMa clients first class service – no matter time or place. Only by this attitude we can “enable our clients to bring chocolate experience to their customers”.

Now, more than half a century since the foundation of Chocoma, our mission as it was expressed by Mr. Ibsen senior hasn’t changed at all.